Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fun Camping Pic! :D

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Poem of the Week

In honor of a VERY good friend of mine, Sarah Simpson (DeGroot now, PTL!) She just recently married Bryce DeGroot (this past weekend.) May the Lord bless them as a couple and grow them together in grace and love for each other and Himself!
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The Bride

Innocent and beautiful is the young and blushing bride

The valiant man she calls her groom stands beaming at her side.~

Yonder on you see a man who gave away her hand-

A father who's watched over her until she joined this man.~

A figure so pretty beside him, full of virtue, love, and grace-

She is the happy little mother with tears of joy rolling down her face.~

Young men stand close by also with brotherly pride and love,

Knowing it is their sister's beauty that everyone speaks of.~

Her younger sisters look to her and dream of their big day,

When their father will once again give his daughter's hand away.~

Family and friends give their kind works of congratulation,

And their thanks for inviting them to this memorable celebration.~

The bride slips away from the happy crowd to speak with another Guest,

One who she is the most glad to have near and who she knows the best.~

It is her Savior, her Father, and Lord who is watching over this day,

And she can trust He will always be there for her, come what may.~

She thanks Him for His greatness; His grace to her in life.

She's grown from child into woman and now into someone's wife.~

Stand with her, Thou the God of all, be ever at her side.

Keep in Your merciful, kind hands this young and blushing bride!~

©Allix Brunson

June 17, 2009