Friday, September 16, 2011

For a Birthday Girl who loves the Fall :)

Could it be Falltime?
Swimming, sunning, ice-cream, baseball
Wildflowers, bug-bites, vacations, and
Fireflies, hammocks, sunburn, picnics
Watermelon seeds, lemonade stand

Sleepovers, favorite books, 100 degrees
Sunglasses, flip-flops, hide-and-go-seek
Naps, berry picking, trips to the lake
Or maybe a quick run to the creek

Slowly the days are cut off much shorter
The air in the morning is crisp, chilled, and cool
Summer is fading, packing its bags
Making room for pumpkins, orange leaves, and school

Autumn comes tip-toeing in like a fairy
Draping the world with its cinnamon dress
Auburn and gold, copper and teal
Will the trees change their suits? Unfailingly – yes!

Leaves falling, crunchy under new boots
 The aroma of coffee and hazelnut reigns
Wrap that trench coat ‘round you tighter
And let the sweetness run free through your veins

Sundresses are out, Cardigans start your engines
Scarves, jeans, and hats say, “I’ll be there soon!”
Apple cider, cocoa, anything in a mug
Spices, and sitting beneath Ole’ Harvest Moon

Thanksgiving, cranberries, stroll through the park
Summer or Autumn? Guess you can’t have it all
  But we’ve done our best to treasure this Summer
Now, let’s give a warm welcome and bring on this Fall!

©by: Allix Brunson 9/16/11

In honor of Miss Sarah Elizabeth Jarvis whose birthday is today :D

Idols of the Heart

I am not committing idolatry
No golden calves sit on my shelf
No images of hallowed saints
God is my God all by Himself

I do not bow down and pray
To man-carved wood or stone
No Allah, Buddha, Confucius here
I pray to God alone

But maybe I might be deceived
When I write myself off as clean
Perhaps worshiping a so-called god
Is not all idolatry means

He loves me (Yes!) He loves me not!?
It was only a “crush” at the start
But now he consumes my every thought
And he inhabits the core of my heart

The music that streams through my earphones
Is so awesome and catchy, its fine
Though little by little, its grip slowly tightens
 Around the whole of my mind

My beloved hobby is calming
If it helps me relax, what’s the crime?
Because I really enjoy it so much
It’s no surprise it takes up most of my time

The beeping and buzzing of gadgets
From computers, to phones, to T.V.
Are literally so clearly addicting
They’re becoming the ruler of me

A paycheck is always a pleasure to have
The beauty of each bill and penny
Out of all the wonders that money can buy
I’m convinced that I could have any

That movie star, athlete, or politician maybe
They’re so gorgeous, talented, or witty
I might just lose my mind and cool
If they ever set foot in my city

Power and prestige
Fame and recognition
Adoration, followers
Is that my big ambition?

What of the person in the mirror
Who’s feelings, thoughts, and will
Take all of my attention
Maybe its pride, but no big deal

So I say that idols aren’t my sin
However it looks like the contrary
Because I have not left all for Him
I indeed am committing idolatry

©by: Allix Brunson 9/15/11

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Light that Shines in Darkness

Deep, and grim, and desperate
The utter black abyss
No ray of light for respite
I was born in this

The great depths of Hell, indeed
I doubt are dark as that
 No better place for sin to feed
Than the place that I was at

My eyes were blind, my ears were shut
And my heart, I fear, was dull
I did not know why, or how, or what
It was like outside of this hull

Like the valley of bones so dry
There was no glimmer of hope
And so I felt no need to cry
Or urge to broaden my scope

But alas to the great displeasure of
My hardened sinful soul
There was a One with a heart of love
Who set out to make me whole

An ache hit my heart like a speeding train
The darkness began to feel bleak
And so I saw, with the sharpest pain
It was the Light I needed to seek

I walked here and there, miles it seemed
But still I had gone nowhere brighter
He was the one that came and Redeemed
And gave me a burden much lighter

Ironic though it may tend to sound
It was that Blinding Light
It shone through the darkness all around
And gave me such glorious sight

Though once I was those dry bones, you see
The Lord, He just kept giving
He breathed the Breath of Life in me
And now those bones are living

He opened my ears, once deaf they were
He spoke His truth so sweet
So rich, so dear, so simple and pure
To the world I repeat and repeat

If you are in the darkness now
I can tell you He’s still the Light
The only way you’ll find your way out
Is to have Him on every side

Can life be given to your dry bones?
Go to the Lord, He knows
You’ll never find life by yourself, all alone
It is He that salvation bestows

©Allix Brunson 9-5-11

Based partly on John 1:4-5 and Ezekiel 37 
To see the Scripture picture I made with the former, go here.