Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Poem about the Holy Spirit

Sunday I watched a wonderful sermon by the Scottish pastor, Sinclair Ferguson called "The Spirit of Holiness." It was, obviously, about the Holy Spirit. I was especially moved by the latter part of the sermon which is what I based this poem on. I encourage you to watch the sermon yourself. (click here) It's pretty great…partly for his VERY beneficial exposition of the Scripture and partly for his VERY neat accent! ;D 

The Holy Homemaker

Deep and dark in crevices buried
Secret sins are hidden
Like cobwebs cleverly tucked away
In nooks that are dust ridden

Evil thoughts that no one sees
And files full of idle words
Things no other eyes behold
Except, of course, the Lord's

It really is grotesque and sad
Yet does He shun this evil place?
Scoff at it, covered with sheets of guilt?
Turn away His Holy face?

True, this would be no surprise
If He were to ignore this awful state
But, in fact, He does no such thing
What He does instead is what makes Him great

He starts at once to clean and shine
With a washcloth, mop, and broom
He leaves no shelf undusted
Throughout this dirty room

He empties every cupboard
He cleans out every drawer
Never giving up, not once
He just works more and more

Until this room called "Sinner's Heart"
No longer reeks with grime
With love and care He's wiped it clean
In His own perfect time

No other man could reach those nooks
Nor shine the windows near as well
None other could turn what it once was
Into a home for His Son to dwell

©By: Allix Brunson 8-24-10

Saturday, August 21, 2010

~Maggie and Anna~ My ever sweet subjects! :)

I can't help it...they are just TOO here you go....more of Miss Maggie Grace and Anna Claire. :)

Maggie's chalk people :D