Saturday, August 11, 2012

Blissfully Overwhelmed

In my life I have come to see
Some things of God are too much for me
To ever fully grasp or learn
Though all within my soul doth yearn
His grace, for instance, unfathomable still
How it crushed my nature, broke my will
Pulling a sinner from the mouth of Hell
It’s beyond comprehension though others I tell
That God the Almighty, the Creator and Just
Grants me His faith, salvation, and trust
I’m blissfully overwhelmed by it all
That redemption was purchased after man’s fall
Christ’s sacrificial love for a wretch like me
With all my might I believe it, though unbelievable it seems
Though I cannot attain to the heights of its glory
I rest my undying soul on the Cornerstone of this Story
And even if I can’t grasp the depth, I don’t mind
Because if I could I’m afraid I would find
It far less as glorious, majestic, and great
Filling the limited knowledge of my human estate
If it was easy for me to now understand
It would all have to be low enough for the wisdom of man
Therefore I am glad to be awestruck and lowly
I am thankful God’s ways are Separate and Holy
I would rather it be far over my head
That I might ever cling tighter to my Savior instead

©Allix Ryan Brunson 8/11/12 2:45am