Monday, March 30, 2009

Flowers in Her Hair

This poem was written because of the creativity of a friend and my brain who only tends to think of things in poetry...because we both liked the result SO much we decided to take pictures to go with it. The first few pics are of the "creative" friend (Rachel) :) and the last ones are of another little friend of mine (Sophia.) [I took all of these...if you would like to see the ones Rachel took you can go to the link for "Rachel Greene's Photgraphy Blog"] With the mixture of the beauty of my friends, the countryside, and the flowers....these pictures reall grasped the feel of the poem. YAY! Hope you enjoy. :D

Flowers in Her Hair
O fairest maiden, how beautiful thou art!
As you stand on yonder hill beyond
Your hands clasped o're your gentle heart
Of you I am so dearly fond
The wind sends ripples through your dress
The sun sends sparkles to your eyes
As you sit gracefully to rest
You find a quaint and sweet surprise
Flowers of the brightest hue
You gather quick in lap and hand
In your shining hair you string them thru
And thus satisfied you start to stand
How pretty does Sun find your face!
He shines his brightest rays on you
So all the world may see your grace
And your beauty -- innocent and true
You bow before the world below
So in your beauty we may share
Even purer does it show
With the flowers in your hair

By: Allix Brunson
March 27, 2009



Friday, March 27, 2009

Poetry Contest Winner!! :)

The Clarksville Public Library's Junior Library board holds a poetry contest every year. Last year I won first place with my Birds of a Feather poem and this year I entered an old poem of mine: The Old House. Today I was informed that I won first place again (yay!) So, I thought I would post the poem so all of you could benefit from it as well. :D Just a note about the inspiration....One day about two years ago we were driving down a "back road" on our way to Dallas and every few miles there would be an old country house out in the middle of a pasture. The more I would look at them the more I thought about the families that could have lived there. The animals that grazed on the pasture, the old sleeping dog that could have slept on the porch, the laughing children that could have ran around the house. It was so touching to think that a whole generation's story could be waiting inside the dilapidated walls. And so I reached for my notebook and scribbled this down.......................

The Old House

There's an old country house

In the heart of a land

That has a 9 acre length

And an 8 acre span

A path to the house

Shows no sign of a step

The porch is yet empty

Where a dog had once slept

Inside is a rocking chair

And a chest with a quilt

That was made by the wife

Of the man who had built

This old country house

One time, long before

It housed the man and his wife

And the children they bore

But for so many years

No one lived in the house

No feet touched the floor

Except the ones of a mouse

The patter of feet

The bark of the dog

All the hay for the horses

The slop for the hog

All sounds were forgotten

No smells come to mind

When one walks through the kitchen

That was home at one time

But no matter how vacant

No matter how bare

The memory of family

Forever lingers there

(This picture was not taken by me, by the way. :) I found it in a magazine and loved it so much that I wanted it to go with this post!)

(The following pictures I did take however :D)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Poem of the Week

Daughters of the Spirit

The Spirit has nine daughters
All equal in beauty, purity, and grace
Each with benefits to offer you
If you seek their Father's face

Love is the first daughter
Who wears a crimson gown
She is the gentle rapture
That between us should be found

Next in line is daughter, Joy
Her gown is gold as sun
With her in our hearts, brethren
We can tell others, happily, of the Son

Daughter number three is Peace
Her purple gown shines true
She is behind that content sigh
When a Christian's life is through

After Peace is the one,
PatienceHer gown is the lightest green
She steps in when hardships come
And prayerful waiting is what you need

Gentleness is daughter four
With gown of plushy pink
She is behind a mother's touch
And, prayerfully, behind the words we think!

Goodness is the next one
Her blue gown shimmers clean
With her presence in our hearts
Through God's grace, Christ likeness will be seen

Next comes precious Faith herself
Her gown has a silver tint
She's given when the Lord is good
And He helps a man repent

Meekness comes after Faith
Her gown as white as snow
With humility she thinks not of self
She is content to be the lowest of the low

The last daughter, Temperance
Her gown a sunset hue
With her, your self can be controlled
In everything you do

With these daughters of the Spirit
Let the Spirit dwell in you
Remember all their benefits
And their Father's blessings too

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. Gal 5:22-23

Allix Brunson
Wednesday,November 26, 2008

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More Scripture Pics for the Week :)

(Philippians 4 is one of my FAVORITE chapters in the Bible. So much comfort, depth, hope.......)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Poem of the Week

Share a Smile

Life brings many things to bear; no trial is the same

But there is only one way to face loss, or grief, or shame

Anger will get you no where, spite will never tame

Gossip will hurt your loved ones even if it brings you fame

If someone has misused you, or if “luck’s” not on your side

Remember the word meekness when you feel hatred inside

This applies to all kinds of things, if someone’s cheated, stole, or lied

Remember Christ our Savior who was meek whilst crucified

Love one to another, show all people that you care

Show them the love of Jesus, the gospel with them share

Think not what seems most popular or what seems fun and fair

Be the Good Samaritan both generous and rare

Don’t turn the cheek to needy ones, don’t leave them all alone

Don’t forsake the opportunity just because, “You must get home.”

Jesus stopped to help each sinner, and with each soul atone

Don’t turn your head at pleas for help; don’t stop your ears at moans

Be a cheerful giver, of all that you can give

Help others that in sadness must be content to live

Be merry, joyful, all the time, in the Lord’s work be active

For all the moments that you waste on “self” you never can relive

God had pleasure to give us one life; we do not own a spare

Just wile away the time, my friend, but only if you dare

Dare to spend time pleasing you, but again I say, beware

There are no second chances, after you choose the path Despair

So shake the hand of every man that passes by you, sir

Give him hope with cheerful words and in him joy will stir

By sharing a smile with passersby, dear reader, you can not err

And the man that you made joyful will with this verse concur

By: Allix Brunson


And now....some of my FAVORITE smiles...had to share...

Picture(s) of the Week

The Beauty, the Bliss of Childhood Curiosity...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Poem of the Week

Woman of Proverbs 31

Ye, Christian sons, I ask you
What kind of woman will you love?
Do you know what God requires?
What is a Godly woman made of?

She must love her husband truly
Be submissive and content
She must love God over everything
She must be kind and relent

She is a keeper of her household
She serves her family through the night
She does everything in kindness
Never in anger nor in spite

She finds land that suits her liking
She plants a vineyard on the buy
Even if she is not skillful
She knows she must never cease to try

Her children realize her inward beauty
They rise and call her blessed
She is neither vain nor much conceited
But she is never thought of less

If you find a woman thusly
Then take her son, she’s gold
And remember she is treasure
She fulfills what God has told

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