Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christ's Sufficiency

Christ is sufficient in all things
You will never reach the end of His power
It expands past every obstacle before us
And makes the Devil to cower

You cannot swim to the bottom
Of His ocean of love and care
When you dive as deep as you can
More of His love will await you there

His holiness also is insurmountable
Every time you climb a bit higher
There will always be a crag to reach for
Just above where you aspire

His compassion is like an endless road
Though you walk, or jog, or sprint
It will stretch farther into the horizon
Where a glimpse of His Glory continues to glint

His atonement is perfectly circular
Encompassing us all around
From farthest east to yonder west
Our sins cannot be found

His Glory is like a great shining light
That will never grow dim or fade
And we will never see the end of its shine
Or sense the beginning of shade

Enough seems not the right word
Adequate also falls short
Sufficient is indeed what Christ is
Though in a way He seems more

Nothing else can fulfill purpose like Him
Everything else falls short in some fashion
But He will never reach the edge or end
Of His holiness, glory, or compassion

©Allix Brunson 11/13/11
Based on this sermon