Sunday, August 2, 2009

Poem of the Week (Part One)

My righteousness is water

But the Savior I call mine

Transforms my watery nothingness

Into wonderfully rich wine

I am Nicodemus coming in the night

Ignorant of grace, knowledge I dearth

Christ teaches me truth

He shows me rebirth

I was the dying son at Capernaum

I had nothing left to give

But at the sound of Jesus' voice

I obeyed him and lived.

I was a fisherman at the waterside

I went along with other men

But when He called me to fish for souls instead

I dropped my net and followed him

I, like Simon's mother in law,

Feverishly tossed and turned

But Christ lifted me up, he took my hand

And from Him, I have learned

I was a leper scorned by everyone

Cursed and called unclean

Yet, Jesus came and because "He willed"

He all at once made me white and clean

Crowds of distractions stood before me

But friends lead me to the roof

They let me down to the Holy Lord

Today I walk, my sins forgiven, I praise the God of Truth!

I was the servant sick of the palsy

Tormented grievously

He filled my heart with abounding faith

And at once He set me free

I was the dead son carried forth from Naim

Set at the feet of God All Wise

Though death is all my soul could claim

He said to me, "Arise."

A storm within me rolled with rage

I of little faith was wont of ease

His hand was raised, His voice was calm

He said, "Be still." And there was, "Peace."