Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gran-Nanny’s Coke Glass

Hey everyone, I guess I should explain this very unique post/poem title. As most of you know if you read my post back in May, my great grandmother (Gran-Nanny) died on May 14th this year. It was a hard loss to our family but God has been so gracious in sustaining us. As is usual when a family members passes away the family is given a portion of their belongings. One of the things we got from her house was a Coca-Cola glass. It was really neat. But the other day while Mama was getting something out of the cabinet, the Coke glass fell out. I was in the other room and heard it break but I wasn't sure what it was. When I "ran to the scene" I saw the shattered Coke logo clearly on our kitchen floor. Sure, it was disappointing because it was hers but even more so, it made me cry because I realized just like I could never put that glass back together again…I could never bring her back. She is gone…death is real, sudden, and final. It was a very sober message but it was profitable to me. We have been really praying that the Lord would be with us mightily this holiday season…she was a big holiday person as most loving grandmothers are. :') So I have really had this idea for a poem on my heart since the glass broke and I hope that it is as profitable to you as it was to me.


Gran- Nanny's Coke Glass

I hear glass shatter from the other room

I run to the scene, the sight is tough

In a million pieces lays Gran-Nanny's Coke glass

The one that I always loved

It was no one's fault, accidents happen

But as I saw the glass, I realized a fact

I burst into tears, and I admit

That's not the normal way to react

Because it was just a glass, that's all it was

But it meant much more to me just then

The verse that says that life is short

A vapor in the wind

It is so true, I thought to myself

Life's as precious and delicate as this glass

It seems so sturdy, so reliable, yet

Just a tiny fall and it's over, it's past

I pick up the pieces and run for the glue

They go back together but still, the cracks

Stability, smoothness, usefulness

In other words, life is what it lacks

I could never make it a working glass again

Just like I can't make her be back here with me

The message was hard

But it helped me to see

We're all glasses, constantly living out every day

Sitting on our shelf, with not much to do

But one day we'll fall out, one day we'll break

And we can't be brought back, with will power or glue

Our time on the shelf will be done on this earth

Our dreams, cares, and worries gone and past

We have a new job now,

To be a perfect looking glass

Reflecting our Savior, His Majesty and Glory

That is if, our shelf life was lived out through Him

This brings me back to the point

That we can't live just by our wishes and whim

Our life must have a purpose

Before our time here is past

I never saw that point clearer

Until that shattered Coke glass

©Allix Brunson 11/22/09