Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Heart's Prayer

Let not my heart be numb to You
Let not my lips be dumb to You
Cut me deeply, Lord, let me feel it
My dearest sin, Lord, please reveal it

My tears of sorrow, wipe them dry
 Attend Thine ear unto my cry
Have me desire Your will alone
Instead of secretly wanting mine be done

Pierce my soul with Your holiness, please,
In contrast to myself, let it bring me to my knees
Fill me to the rim with your fullness, oh God
‘Til lesser loves have no room to climb their way to the top

Robe me in your righteousness, teaching me to trust
No one else can do a work in me because only You must
Cause me to submit to Your word and then rest
Knowing that, with every trial, You’re seeking my best

Make Heaven seem sweeter while this world grows dim
Saying, “I will fear no ill, because I’m depending on Him!”
Humble me to the dust, if that’s the measure You need
To have absolute sway over my being and lead

I don’t know what You have in my path up ahead
But give me the strength to not worry or dread
Increase my faith and my thankfulness, drown me in love
And prepare me for my ultimate goal, Thy glory above

©By: Allix Ryan Brunson 12/9/12