Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy (Belated) 18th Anniversary to my lovely parents!!

On April 12th, 18 years ago a very special thing occurred in the tiny town  of Johntown, TX. A beautiful young lady named Darla and a dashing young man named Ryan joined their lives together as one....and the rest is history. :D I know it's a little late (only three days to be exact) but I felt like honoring them with this post...they deserve it!! I pray the Lord will bless them with 18 more years + and that they would grow in grace and love for Him and for each other. LOVE YOU TWO!!!!!!
 P.S. Some of these are from Colorado, so hooray for you! You're getting a sneak peek at them! ;)

On their anniversary my dad had to mow the yard...but still thinking of his beloved Esposita,  he brought this to Mama. :D <3

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Springtime = Babies!!

Alright, never before have I believed that springtime equaled babies as much as I have this spring!! In the course of about 3 weeks I have seen a newborn baby goat, newborn kittens, a very young colt, and two precious babies whom I know that have turned (or will very soon turn) one! The Lord is so good! So, here you can enjoy these spring babies too. :)

New legs...those things are so hard to get used to! ;D

Katie!! Turning one on April 19th! (Happy early Birthday!)

Lucas!! My darling little cousin who turned one on April 6th!