Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our Little Baby

God truly does send trials our way to try our faith...we thank Him for them...even though they are so hard to bear. My mother was VERY soon pregnant after her tubal reversal surgery that I wrote previously about...PRAISE GOD! But we found out last night that the baby is in the fallopian tube. To prevent the pregnancy from rupturing the tube...they had to give Mama two shots to "dissolve" the "pregnancy." It is very hard for us because...that, to us, means the shots will "kill" the "baby." But God is a SOVEREIGN and HOLY and JUST and MERCIFUL God. I could go on and on about how He has helped us during this time...but anyway...I ask that you would pray for us as we morn my baby sibling...even though we never got to meet them. This poem is in memory of our little treasure from Heaven given to us for only a remnant of time to love, pray for, and trust in God about. THANK YOU FATHER!! "The LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD. ~Job 1:21"

What a blessing is a baby!
What a blessing God has giv'n!
He has sent this precious Gift of Life
To us on Earth from Heaven

Such a jewel to love and pray for
Yet such a testing of our faith
Still such a beautiful child
Our Gracious God has made

To hold, to kiss, to thank the Lord
With babies, this we do
But sometimes God sends us a trial
That in providence we must go thru

Oh sweet child that we whispered to
And dreamed of future days
We praise God that you ever lived
But He moves in mysterious ways

Our dearest little baby
We thank God He gave you to us
Though we never got to meet you, love
We commend your soul to Jesus

by: Allix Brunson


Susanna said...

Dear Allix,
I'm so sorry about the baby. We will be praying for you and your parents. If you ever would like to talk I would be happy too, I'm sooo sorry, but as you said the Lord knows what he is doing and we should trust in His Will. I love you and hope your Mom is doing fine. : )

McKee Family said...

We are praying for His comfort during this sad time. We too, experienced a miscarriage after waiting for many years. It was VERY difficult. In Him, the McKees