Wednesday, January 13, 2010

God’s Acceptable Sacrifice

This Sunday Bro. Joe Ortega from San Antonio came and ministered to our congregation. He preached about Christ who fulfilled all the types and shadows of the Old Testament. All the sacrifices and burnt offerings were done away with when Christ died. These things were done year after year after year; over and over and over again but Christ…He offered up ONE sacrifice that did away with all the others and that sacrifice was Himself. I encourage you to listen to Bro. Ortega's message by clicking here.

In the beginning there was Paradise

And Our God that is All Wise

Was at this time approachable

This state, though beautiful and void of wrong

Could sadly not last for very long

For man became reproachable

Through sin a bridge was formed between

God Almighty and Human beings

It seemed a hopeless case

But God with mercy had a plan

So He could be approached by man

And so there was a Holy Place

Where year by year all the priests

Would offer up unblemished beasts

So the people could be cleansed

This however was not God's utmost desire

He wished for Someone much higher

To take away His people's sin

This Someone was his Holy Son

The Only Perfect Unblemished One

The Great High Priest to Come

For centuries calves' blood was spilt

Offerings upon altars were built

But none could pay the sum

The stain of sin on man still shone

And not a host of sacrifices could e'er atone

Until the Savior came

He came to die, His blood spilt once

This had God's acceptance

And redemption was proclaimed

Ne're could blood of bull and dove

Fulfill this act of grace and love

And set sin's prisoners free

Gone were the shadows, all the types

When Christ the Lord laid down His life

And sat down at the Right Hand for me

©Allix Brunson 1-13-10


Patrina said...

Awesome!You are a blessing!
Keep growing closer to Jesus

Patrina <")>><

Madeleine said...

Hey there Allix,
How have you been, I haven't seen ya in a while! I love this poem, it is so true. The Lord gave up His all for us sinners. I have made a blog if you would like to see it the address is
Love ya.

Madeleine said...

Did you get my friend connect mail? I didn't quite understand if it sent when I pushed the send button. Just checking. By the way, Mom and I wondered if it was Bella's hand with the pink bowl. If so, she's famous!!! Laugh, laugh.
Hope ta see ya soon, sista.

Allix said...

Perch to you too :D
I didn't get the mail! I don't know where it went to but I can't find it.
It is actually Louisa's hand in the pink bowl so she is famous instead. ;)