Friday, July 2, 2010

Summertime is Garden-time :)

Here are some pictures of my grandparents' garden and then our little square-foot garden that my parents and I have been working on. The tomato basil soup and the roasted rosemary potatoes are things that I have been blessed to make using herbs from our aforementioned S.F.G....oh and a dragonfly, Layla, and some new Scripture pictures jumped in here too...they were jealous of the vegetables and things.... ;D

Baby watermelon! :)

Eggplant flower :) Our eggplants have been GREAT! veggies are so cute

Jalepeno parents are REALLY looking forward to the actual first fruits of this little plant :)

Marigolds help keep bugs off our little Roma tomatoes...thanks marigolds! :D

I made both of these and couldn't decide which one I liked I decided to post both :D

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Rachel Greene said...

Your dragonfly pictures are GREAT! I liked all of them too :D