Sunday, September 5, 2010

Extra! Extra! It’s a New Poem :D

One and the Same

There is but one God who is always the same
From eternity past and so on He has reigned

He is the Almighty, the Creator of all
The Former of big, the Fashioner of small

The same One who used craft to split the sea from the land
Is the One who with compassion holds all my tears in His hand

Those hands that built mountains upon the face of the earth
Knitted together my being before the time of my birth

The omniscience that knows how many stars are in space
Has numbered the hairs on my head and put them in place

The Keeper of beasts, both roaring and bleating
Is the very same One who keeps my heart beating

He who first made it day and then made it night
Knows the exact number of the days of my life

He created the wonders of the sky, land, and sea
It was with this same power that God created me!

©By: Allix Brunson 9/4/10

1 comment:

Kevin and Bambi said...

Love it, Allix! Such a beautiful reminder of how BIG our God is, yet He is sovereign in even the small details of our lives. Thank you!
Mrs. Moore