Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Poem of the Week

Woman of Proverbs 31

Ye, Christian sons, I ask you
What kind of woman will you love?
Do you know what God requires?
What is a Godly woman made of?

She must love her husband truly
Be submissive and content
She must love God over everything
She must be kind and relent

She is a keeper of her household
She serves her family through the night
She does everything in kindness
Never in anger nor in spite

She finds land that suits her liking
She plants a vineyard on the buy
Even if she is not skillful
She knows she must never cease to try

Her children realize her inward beauty
They rise and call her blessed
She is neither vain nor much conceited
But she is never thought of less

If you find a woman thusly
Then take her son, she’s gold
And remember she is treasure
She fulfills what God has told

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Susanna said...

Wow, I love the poem! Neat pictures too, when were they taken and where? if I may ask : )

bfamily said...

These were taken last year at a living history museum in Fredricksburg, TX :) thanks for the comment!