Thursday, March 12, 2009

Poem of the Week

Share a Smile

Life brings many things to bear; no trial is the same

But there is only one way to face loss, or grief, or shame

Anger will get you no where, spite will never tame

Gossip will hurt your loved ones even if it brings you fame

If someone has misused you, or if “luck’s” not on your side

Remember the word meekness when you feel hatred inside

This applies to all kinds of things, if someone’s cheated, stole, or lied

Remember Christ our Savior who was meek whilst crucified

Love one to another, show all people that you care

Show them the love of Jesus, the gospel with them share

Think not what seems most popular or what seems fun and fair

Be the Good Samaritan both generous and rare

Don’t turn the cheek to needy ones, don’t leave them all alone

Don’t forsake the opportunity just because, “You must get home.”

Jesus stopped to help each sinner, and with each soul atone

Don’t turn your head at pleas for help; don’t stop your ears at moans

Be a cheerful giver, of all that you can give

Help others that in sadness must be content to live

Be merry, joyful, all the time, in the Lord’s work be active

For all the moments that you waste on “self” you never can relive

God had pleasure to give us one life; we do not own a spare

Just wile away the time, my friend, but only if you dare

Dare to spend time pleasing you, but again I say, beware

There are no second chances, after you choose the path Despair

So shake the hand of every man that passes by you, sir

Give him hope with cheerful words and in him joy will stir

By sharing a smile with passersby, dear reader, you can not err

And the man that you made joyful will with this verse concur

By: Allix Brunson


And now....some of my FAVORITE smiles...had to share...

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Susanna said...

loved the post-the pics and the poem. You are so blessed to be able to express the Gospel through your poems. Bravo!