Monday, October 19, 2009

The Adventures of “Granny” :D

The warm morning sun shines

Through my window and onto my face

It's a wonderful, lovely feeling

Yet it is still so commonplace

Birds chirp their songs outside

But nothing to really tickle my ear

Nothing like the sounds of the wild

That I used to wake up and hear

Not like the shrieks of birds

Hidden in the rain forest trees

Or the rustling of some mysterious creature

Tucked away in the leaves

I slip out of bed

Put my feet on the floor

I have walked on more interesting

Terrain before

Like the dunes of Egypt

Or the Savannah plains

I can still feel the tug

Of the camel's reigns

Nothing awaits me much

Once I come out of my room

Whereas all sorts of wild things

In times past, around corners would loom

I have an appointment today

So I'm helped into the car

My thoughts are suddenly

Drifted off far

I'm now, in my mind

Hearing a trumpeting trunk

As I ride on an elephant

It feels like I've shrunk

What a magnificent creature!

So large and so strong

From here to the car, I slowly drift back

I was sad that I didn't stay there very long

When we get to the building

We go a few stories high

But I remember a time

It seemed I could nearly touch the sky

On the top of the great tower

In the middle of France

The moon was near our fingertips

And the stars seemed to dance

I know that my memories

Will never be unfurled

I will always cherish

My trips round the world!

Written from the point of view of Mrs. Betty Pedrick "Granny"

©Allix Brunson 10-19-09

Picture taken by Rachel Greene

This is actually my friends' grandmother but she is SO great…I call her Granny too! :) Her and her husband (and their little girls when they were born) went around the world several times. She has told me some great stories!


Rachel Greene said...

awww! that's so neat!

Susanna said...

aww, so sweet! I'll have to read it to her next time I talk to her, she'll love it! thank you...