Wednesday, October 21, 2009

An Old Poem I found! :D

I just found this poem that I wrote back in May of 2008. I wrote it about a picnic that a big group of us had down at some friends' land. It was so fun!! And it makes me happy remembering the fun we had while I read this poem! yay! Hope you enjoy…

Karnack Picnic

The sun rose up to start the day

Picnic fun was on its way

Time to shoot, eat, laugh, and play

Down at the Karnack Picnic

All the friends soon gathered round

Some from country, some from town

Bang! The guns put forth their sound

Down at the Karnack picnic

Wham! The ball comes flying past

Volleyball players gather fast

Time to play, At last, At last!

Down at the Karnack picnic

Being bucked off Bonny Blue

Taking pictures of people too

Petting the kitten, cool stuff to do

Down at the Karnack picnic

Singing hymns, endorsing Paul

Swimming, mudding, we had it all

Fishing, eating, and more volleyball

All at the Karnack picnic

©Allix Brunson May 18, 2008

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