Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Moores' Christmas Pictures!!

Well...I got to take my very first formally planned pictures on Tuesday! It was so fun and a great learning experience. It's so much different just snapping candid pictures and actually having everyone dressed up, in a decorated place, for a Christmas card. :D Hope you all enjoy...they are such a beautiful family. :)


Silas unfortunately had fallen the night before the photo shoot and earned himself a black eye worth capturing!! He was such a trooper, though! :D

And then there's always that one that just makes you laugh!! :D


Rachel Greene said...

YAY! I especially love the first one of Seth by himself :D And Silas has gotten SO big! Good job :D

Small House, Lotsa Love said...

Thanks so much for taking these, Allix! You did a great job ;) PS- You should see Silas's eye today, it's green! -Shelbi

Susanna said...

Those are great! good job, Allix!