Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Poem! :)

This past Sunday our pastor, Bro. John Greene, preached on Mark 5:25-34 about the Woman with the Issue of Blood. It was a wonderful sermon!! I have written a poem about that before when I was younger but this sermon really made me want to write a new one. I encourage you to listen to the message…it was very beneficial to my soul. J The following is the link to his sermon: http://gracebaptistchurchmp.org/audio/Topical/An%20Issue%20of%20Blood.mp3


The Woman with the Issue of Blood

She was separated from society

She was defiled and disgraced

If she had any sense at all

She would never come near this place

A thronging crowd about her

Each soul she was forbidden to touch

Though her doubt and unbelief were present

Her marvelous faith was such

That outweighed all her doubts and questions

It eliminated all of her fear

She knew that at this very moment

She was meant to be here

The law was clear when it spoke of her issue

Yet there was one thing and of that she was sure

There in the hem of His garment

Was the precious longed after cure

She had looked for it at each physician

She had spent all her living and had seen

That no one was able to heal her

No one could declare her clean

Twelve years she suffered this

Twelve long agonizing years

Not only had she spent every penny

She had probably shed all her tears

It seemed hopeless and helpless to others

But this woman had that great faith

And this the just shall live by

‘Tis what the scripture saith

So through this crowd she struggled

Indeed she had to fight

She was determined to do that act of which

Most would say she had no right

There He was, before her eyes

She reached out her hand and then

In a moment the unthinkable happened

As her fingers brushed His hem

The flowing blood that had for so long marked her

As unclean forever, or so she thought

Because now, at this very moment

Her issue of blood had stopped

She looked to His face with amazement

She hardly believed the great fact

That such a large thing was accomplished

By such a minuscule act

But what’s this, He is speaking

“Who touched Me? Virtue has gone out of Me.”

The disciples denied to have done it and said

“You are thronged by this crowd, what can You mean?”

Christ knew of course who had touched Him

The woman, she trembled and cried

She told the whole truth to Jesus

And to her relief He replied,

“Go in peace, my dear daughter, I say now

Your faith, it has made you whole”

And that woman she went now cleansed

In her body and also her soul

©Allix Brunson 12/1/09