Thursday, February 4, 2010


I took a neat day-class (for high school students) at our local junior college today and learned how to make photograms. (Another name for that type of photography is digital dark room.) It was really fun and I wanted to share the pictures that I made with you! P.S. These don't have my initials on them but they are still copyrighted, please ask my permission before you use them if you intend to. Thanks and I hope you enjoy! :D


I made this for my sister, Holly :)
I made this one for my Daddy for his 37th birthday...which was today! yay! :D

I made this one for my cousin Tyler (he's a big Longhorn fan) :D
And this for his twin sister, Kelsey

And one more just for me :D


Rachel Greene said...

these are SO cool!

Madeleine said...

Hey Allix,

I really like your photograms; acually I have never heard of them. :D How do you make the shapes show up? My favorite one is Galatians 5:1. Bobby misses Robby like crazy!!!!
See ya later,


Allix said...

It's kinda hard to explain briefly how they're made so I'm sending you an email right now. Is Katie still moving and grooving?? ;D Robby says howdy and hopes Bobby fairs well. :)

Shelbi said...

These are really neat! Also I love how you've changed up your blog! Very, very pretty.

Hope to see you sometime soon!!