Friday, February 12, 2010

SNOW! In Texas! This is great!

We have had so much fun the last two days because it has been snowing (in North East Texas, mind you) so hard!! We love it! We stuck a ruler in the yard and jumped for joy when we saw 3 inches yesterday morning at 9:30. An hour or two later we were blown away to see 4 1/2 inches. Skip ahead a few more hours and we were in disbelief to see the snow come halfway up that ruler."6 inches!?" We thought to ourselves. "Impossible." But the snow kept a'falling despite our objections to the truth before us. We went to bed shaking our heads at the ruler's reading: 7 inches! But little did we know that as we arose that next morning a record would be set and we would be bumfuzzled again...the ruler showed the unthinkable: 8 inches!! We got 8 inches of snow!! I still cannot believe it so I thought I would post these pictures for y'all to see. I mean, come on, this is you believe it?? ;D

This is a slideshow of the sad "fate" of the poor bunny slipper my dogs play with...

Sir Snow Bear ;)

Snow Ice-Cream! Yum!

Just in case you were wondering...I did manipulate this a little bit but I didn't stretch her mouth or anything. That is all natural. :D


Shelbi said...

WOW!! Can't believe you got eight inches! We only got seven. I love the pictures of Daisy and Layla!

Madeleine said...

To: the Cashier,
We ate snow ice cream too.
Jonathan and I also had a rousing snowball fight, guess who won??!! Well, at least I have the pleasure of knowing when he was seven I could pummel him. =)
The pictures are beautiful, I really love the scripture picture. What a beautiful verse.
The laid flat band-aids (:0) are on the first picture (used as colons) with the Galatians 5.
I suppose I oughta know what they are... Crazy me!!!
with a bunch of love,

Savannah said...

I love all of your pictures Allix!

Susanna said...

Lol, I absolutely love that picture you did with your dog "saying" I love the snow! Love it! :D