Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Springish Poem

Daffodil Dessa
Winter, with her cloak so icy
White and rigid, cold and stark
Chillingly comes the whispered breezes
Causes lonely nighttime freezes
Everything draped with gloom so dark

Still she flaunts her snowy splendor
Flakes so intricately formed
Blankets fall on ground around us
Whiteness, brightness soon surrounds us
Through the world, Madame Winter has stormed

Yet soon the time has come upon her
Sending her cloak of darkness grim
Away with the snow, the ice, and chills
Away with her snowflakes' charming frills
Hear ye Ms. Robin singing a hymn

Sir Sun lets his rays shine brighter than ever
Letting the children called Grass come to play
Green carpets grow swiftly under our feet
Birds singing brightly, the morning to greet
It feels more and more like a fresh Springish day

Look there, out into that field far away
Ever so sweetly, with silence and grace
Shaking out her skirts and all of her dresses
Combing through her delicate tresses
Tis Daffodil Dessa with her small darling face

With yellow and white she declares the great truth
If you listen quite closely you may hear her sing
"Gone with the Winter, though her charm made us smile
It is time for a new Madame to flaunt for awhile
And that Madame's name is Miss Spring!"

©Allix Brunson 3-25-10


Rachel Greene said...

ALLIX! This is GREAT! I LOVE it! The title itself is enchanting!

Madeleine said...

Allix, I love the poem! I especially love the part where she shakes out her tresses. Very vivid.