Monday, June 7, 2010

Kiomatia Blueberry Farm! :)

Welp, I get to mark something off my "things to do that I've never done before" list. Hooray! :D Today Mama, some great friends of mine (Shelbi from Small House, Lotsa Love and Savannah from Lil Brothers Are Great) and I went blueberry picking and had a lovely time. Fresh blueberries are much more scrumptious than store bought any old day! :)

I guess I have a knack for making new little friends...This is four year old Bridget. She asked if it was my birthday and I said no but that I had just had a birthday and that I turned 15. She happily replied, "15!? I'm so proud of you!" hehe :D

Fun, Fun, Fun!

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Madeleine said...

I can tell ya'll had a great time. Fresh blueberries are THE BEST and Mr. Short keeps his farm so nice looking. Did you see his cat, she is really friendly?
Oh, and happy belated birthday, You're sooooo old now that you make me feel grannyish. Hee.
I love the pics of the blueberries... it's almost as good as tasting them.