Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Sunset...God's Version of Studio Lighting :)

Tall golden fields with lovely Texas wildflowers...a marvelous sunset painted by the Lord Himself shining through the wispy blond hair of a sweet little girl....this wonderfulness simply cannot be recreated in any studio....ever...

 <3 Sweet Maggie Grace <3
Lil' Sis Anna Claire :-) or should I say :-O lol
She's a Paw-Paw stick tight for sure 
Her sandcastle :D
Amazing bokeh awesomeness!!!
Maggie!!! *sigh* I love you!! You are is the light behind you!! :D
Sometimes all you can say is...YAY! :D
Now....go pick some flowers in the won't regret it, I promise. :)


Savannah said...

You are such a gifted phtoghrapher!!


P.S. Happy late birthday!! Love you!!!

Rachel Greene said...

GIRL! You are getting GOOD! These are gorgeous!! You are on the way to photography greatness :D