Monday, July 11, 2011

I Will Follow

Dear Lord, how I used to wander!
How often I carelessly strayed!
I rambled down Sin’s darkest highways
And took paths You had forbade

But then, oh the Light You shined Lord!
So bright and glorious and true
It lead me out of the Pit of Destruction
Through the Vale of Death it brought me through

You founded my footsteps in Righteousness
You showed me the paths I should take
You promised to walk ahead and behind
Protecting me, whether asleep or awake

Yet still I found myself stumbling
Dazzled by the Worldly Way’s charms
  That’s when You lovingly sheltered me
Carrying me, at times, in Your arms

You knew all along my weak frame, Lord
You knew, by myself I would fall
 And so You watched over me Faithfully
Hearing each pitiful call

The years have taught me to trust you
To follow Your steps that You’ve shown
And it’s when I’ve gone with those footsteps
That I have drastically grown

So here’s my pledge to devotion
To follow wherever You lead
Depending on Your given Guidance
And You supplying my every need

Though they go over mountains or hills
 Or valleys so low and so deep
I will set my eyes on Your footsteps
And Your promises, in my heart, I will keep

©Allix Ryan Brunson
Thursday, July 7, 2011


Rachel Leigh Greene said...

Wonderful :)

Rachel Leigh Greene said...

And I LOVE the new look! :D

Elizabeth said...

Man, what a blessing...needed this today. Thank you friend... your testimony and talent are encouraging. Press on!