Saturday, August 6, 2011

Poem about...

Not even a pin drop or whisper.
Just a hollow dull hush surrounded by
White walls and empty halls.
It’s deafening itself to not hear a thing,
Not the slightest hum or ring.
No voice to break the nothingness
All is blank and quietness.

My own voice cries out in the midst
But it seems to bounce off the blanks and disappear
As if there was no one to hear
Or worse yet, I fear,
That this silence must mean
He doesn’t care anymore.

But I know that can’t be true
Because He said, “I will never leave you
Or forsake” and that’s a promise
That He did make for times
Like these when everything feels
Empty and deserted.

So since He isn’t answering me
And I know He continues to hear and see
Because He is not indifferent
But compassionate, He must be choosing
To hesitate to teach me
Something large and great.

Dear God, is it the white spaces that
Give the world its meaning? Is that
What I should be gleaning from this test?
Because now that I think about it,

The blank page is what prepares the writer to start
To pour out the feelings caught up in their heart.
And the pauses in a song
Are what takes each note and beat
And turns them into something complete
And we call it music.
Otherwise it would run together
And just be noise to us.
Is that it Jesus?

Do You want me to see
That it is the empty spaces on the wall
That makes those paintings in
The artist’s hall stand out?
For surely if they were all fused into one
It would just be colors and confusion.

Are you silent to let me ponder on
The promises you have already given?
Is that what I’ve been missing and postponing
In the midst of all my whining and moaning
And giving up on You?

Lord, teach me in the silent times,
While I’m surrounded by white blanks,
To pour out my heart in praises,
Gratitude and thanks.
Make my heart stronger,
Deepen my weak faith, lift up my head
And let me feed on more than bread,
Instead let it be all the precious words You have said.

Let me get more out of it than
Assuming Your cruelty or neglect to me.
Try my soul in the fire of

©Allix Brunson 8/6/11

This poem was inspired by excerpts from this sermon my pastor preached last Sunday.


Rachel Leigh Greene said...

Excellent job!!

Michele Ann Greene said...

Allix Ryan Brunson, this was beautiful and beautifully inspired by the Word of God.

Anonymous said...

wonderful. very thought-provoking, too.

Susanna Simpson said...

Perfecto! I really love this poem. Great and profound thoughts in there.