Friday, September 16, 2011

For a Birthday Girl who loves the Fall :)

Could it be Falltime?
Swimming, sunning, ice-cream, baseball
Wildflowers, bug-bites, vacations, and
Fireflies, hammocks, sunburn, picnics
Watermelon seeds, lemonade stand

Sleepovers, favorite books, 100 degrees
Sunglasses, flip-flops, hide-and-go-seek
Naps, berry picking, trips to the lake
Or maybe a quick run to the creek

Slowly the days are cut off much shorter
The air in the morning is crisp, chilled, and cool
Summer is fading, packing its bags
Making room for pumpkins, orange leaves, and school

Autumn comes tip-toeing in like a fairy
Draping the world with its cinnamon dress
Auburn and gold, copper and teal
Will the trees change their suits? Unfailingly – yes!

Leaves falling, crunchy under new boots
 The aroma of coffee and hazelnut reigns
Wrap that trench coat ‘round you tighter
And let the sweetness run free through your veins

Sundresses are out, Cardigans start your engines
Scarves, jeans, and hats say, “I’ll be there soon!”
Apple cider, cocoa, anything in a mug
Spices, and sitting beneath Ole’ Harvest Moon

Thanksgiving, cranberries, stroll through the park
Summer or Autumn? Guess you can’t have it all
  But we’ve done our best to treasure this Summer
Now, let’s give a warm welcome and bring on this Fall!

©by: Allix Brunson 9/16/11

In honor of Miss Sarah Elizabeth Jarvis whose birthday is today :D


Rachel Leigh Greene said...

My favorite lines are..

"Autumn comes tip-toeing in like a fairy
Draping the world with its cinnamon dress"


Abby Lyn said...

This is adorable and has such a free whimsical feel to it. I LOVE it! Fall has got to be my favorite season. Everything about it. And that part Rach quoted.... magical. :)

CreativityStartsHere said...

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