Friday, September 16, 2011

Idols of the Heart

I am not committing idolatry
No golden calves sit on my shelf
No images of hallowed saints
God is my God all by Himself

I do not bow down and pray
To man-carved wood or stone
No Allah, Buddha, Confucius here
I pray to God alone

But maybe I might be deceived
When I write myself off as clean
Perhaps worshiping a so-called god
Is not all idolatry means

He loves me (Yes!) He loves me not!?
It was only a “crush” at the start
But now he consumes my every thought
And he inhabits the core of my heart

The music that streams through my earphones
Is so awesome and catchy, its fine
Though little by little, its grip slowly tightens
 Around the whole of my mind

My beloved hobby is calming
If it helps me relax, what’s the crime?
Because I really enjoy it so much
It’s no surprise it takes up most of my time

The beeping and buzzing of gadgets
From computers, to phones, to T.V.
Are literally so clearly addicting
They’re becoming the ruler of me

A paycheck is always a pleasure to have
The beauty of each bill and penny
Out of all the wonders that money can buy
I’m convinced that I could have any

That movie star, athlete, or politician maybe
They’re so gorgeous, talented, or witty
I might just lose my mind and cool
If they ever set foot in my city

Power and prestige
Fame and recognition
Adoration, followers
Is that my big ambition?

What of the person in the mirror
Who’s feelings, thoughts, and will
Take all of my attention
Maybe its pride, but no big deal

So I say that idols aren’t my sin
However it looks like the contrary
Because I have not left all for Him
I indeed am committing idolatry

©by: Allix Brunson 9/15/11


Rachel Leigh Greene said...

Very good! I like that you tried a different style.

Adeline said...

I really like the way you've written this.YOu definitely have a flair for writing.Praise God!!!=)
Blog On!!!

Sarah K. said...

Wow,this is not something that you hear very many people say! Very good! Thank you.