Saturday, January 10, 2009


A certain type of beauty

In an infant, there it lies

In their cheeks so round and crimson

In the blueness of their eyes

But another sort of beauty

Adorns a mother’s face

For the birth of all her children

Surely is her grace

The flowering of her youth

Is beautiful and sweet

It coincides with the beauty

Of her darling baby’s feet

The strength of the young man

Has a beauty of its own

Like the tale of youthful David

With his strength, and sling, and stone

But oh the awesome beauty

When this man then takes a wife

He becomes father of the children

God puts into his life

The beauty of a golden head

That rests on folded hands

The father that taught her how to pray

Proudly by her stands

Her lisping prayers are heard

By the Almighty One above

Oh, the beauty of this moment

Full of wisdom, faith, and love

That same father who taught little ones

To pray and go to bed

Is now so beautiful—majestic

With his God-given hoary head

He picks up a wandering grandchild

To hold them nearer still

Yes the beauty of this moment sweet

Remember if you will

But so happy are these beauties

A wedding, birth, and such

We don’t often talk of hurtful things

Or if so, not quite so much

But did you know that once

Such beauty came to me

When I pictured our dear Savior

Hanging helpless on a tree

Crying out and bleeding ever

Sweet blood thus shed for me!

Yes how beautiful the day, my soul!

When Jesus died on Calvary

But this beauty fills most with sorrow

It makes us cringe with mental pain

But my face is always smiling

For my Jesus rose again

The beauty of this sacrifice

The beauty of His grace

The beauty of the kingdom where

I’ll soon behold His face!

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Susanna said...

Bty Allix, you might want to color the words here of the poem : )