Saturday, January 10, 2009

Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather

A robin in the treetops

With its breast so red and bright

It waits until the wind stops

And then he starts his flight

The blue jay sings so gaily

While it shows its feathers blue

The sun shows the mighty navy

And it shines on every hue

A mockingbird is listening

For another bird to call

And as his eyes are glistening

He then repeats it all

The wren with its dappled crown

Builds on his nest so strong

Watchers admire the darkish brown

And hear his lovely song

A gull with his ocean smell

Flies above the waters deep

He finds a rock where he can dwell

And then he falls asleep

A hummingbird is sipping

At the nectar oh so sweet

As its wings are ever whipping

It makes a gentle beat

A black wing is seen in vain

As a farmer sees a crow

In his garden he must watch in pain

As the greedy bird does go

Bright round eyes illuminate

The darkness of a cave

A mouse’s sorrowful, sad fate

The owl has sent him to his grave

A flash of red against the white

A cardinal in the snow

A strike of color when in flight

One of the prettiest things we know

Their figures fly around

So gracefully they glide

When in their nest, safe and sound

They sing with loving pride