Tuesday, January 20, 2009



The sound of Roman soldiers in the night

Coming closer to His place of prayer

Jesus knelt and prayed to God with all His might

As His disciples, cluelessly, were sleeping there

Louder rang the bell of prophecy

That lonely night in dark Gethsemane

Jesus stood and saw the soldiers standing

Asking for the one who bore the name

“Jesus the Nazarene!” they were demanding

“King of the Jews who claims He reigns!”

The soldiers saw that this man was surely this

As Judas stepped forward with a shallow kiss

Before legalistic priest, Jesus stood silent

Through a trial that would end in unfair death

He was sent to be judged by Harod the Great and Pilate

And be beaten almost until his final breath

A crown of thorns pressed on his head

And royal robes of purple thread

But still the bloodthirsty Jews were yelling

Crucifixion was their utmost want

The prophets’ Old Testament foretelling

In Jesus heart began violently to haunt

Another cup much sweeter he wished to choose

But he would have to die King of the Jews

A heavy cross He had to bear

His poor back was ripped and torn

Blood dripped and intertwined within his hair

And he could feel the prick of every thorn

Pain shot through every single little vein

He longed to be with His Heavenly Father once again

They pulled and stretched his arms out tightly

Nails were driven through his palms

His pain grew worse not just slightly

As He recalled David’s twenty-second psalm

People exclaiming sheer gladness

But to His followers it was unbearable sadness

He hung there looking ever up

“Why hast My Father God forsaken Me?”

If only I could drink from one last cup

To quench my thirst and let Me be

The vinegar was lifted up, His thirst had been diminished

Then he humbly bowed his head for now, “It was finished.”

And so dear Jesus Christ gave up the ghost

Blood and water poured from His side

He joined His Father’s heavenly host

He marched to Zion in the sky

Did Jesus hate those that crucified Him?

No, he asked His Father, “Please forgive them.”

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Rachel Greene said...

This I think is one of your best ones!