Monday, February 23, 2009

Lovely daffodill with a lovely verse to accompany it :)

This is one of my favorite verses. There is so much depth in also adds to the effect knowing that John the Baptist (Jesus's Cousin) said this. He did not think himself better in anyway becasue of this postition...this was his Lord! You can almost see him pointing and proclaiming with great joy -- Look!.........

This is the Natural Bridge in Tennesee. I thank God for Blessed Assurance! So many people come here and think this was created after millions of years of a tiny stream of water. Thank God I know that He is the Ruler and Maker of all the Universe and He can do all things including create this beautiful wonder of the world!!!....and so I thought this verse was good for it.
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Rachel Greene said...

I love what you said about what John said about Christ!

a girl who likes the country and the mud in it !! said...

wow, the scripture pics are SO cool, im into peotry too plus im home schooled, i think it would be so cool to live that far out in the counrty(all i got that from was the pics) any way do u have a horse?? and ur dog is SO cute !! ps... how did you change ur back ground (im new to the blogging )