Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Poem of the Week

I've decided that I would like to either have a poem or a picture per week and when I can, both. It will give you something to look forward to, I hope. :) The following is the poem of the week......

Blind upon Life’s Muddy Road

A blind soul upon a muddy road

Nothing to call his ground

No heart-felt goal or home ahead

No foundation that was sound

He grumbled on his gloomy way

Why should he care to think?

That perhaps the ground below his feet

Could somehow start to sink

Smiling faces pass him

But again he turns his head

Why should they smile when he thought

“I’d be better off just dead!”

“This God that people talk about

Ha, I’d like to see Him here

So I could whisper faintly

A question in His ear”

“Why me and why this muddy road

Why my past, now far behind

Why did I do the things I did

And did You, from me hide?”

“I’m tired and I’m lonely

But no one seems to care

All this to me, now don’t You see

None of this seems fair”

But then a flash of light is seen

Slowly it dims away

We see the man fall’n on his face

With nothing more to say

Yet after silence does its work

We hear a gentle call

“My Master and my Holy Lord

Please be my God of all!”

“I’m filthy and I’m naked

I deserve no more than death

But Lord I ask for guidance

All the days that I have breath.”

“Take from me now, this burden

For You alone are stronger than

This lowly worm before you

The worst sinner known to man!”

“Oh Jesus Christ, most perfect,

You died instead of me

You lived a life of shame

How more humble could you be?!”

And now this man is happy

His road is clear and he can see

But the most glorious thing of all

Is that this sad old man was me!

By: Allix Brunson

July 16, 2008

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Susanna said...

Wow again! All the poems you have wrote are so good and so scripturely minded!