Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Robb, Misti, Braiden, and Anna the bulldog :)

For starters...THIS IS MY 100th POST!!!!!! HOORAY!!!!! It's taken me awhile but I finally reached a memorable blog milestone. :) So anyways.......

I got my first Holiday job of the year the other day for a sweet little family of three (make that four including their English bulldog, Anna.) I took their family/Christmas pictures and they totally rocked them! They said they had never even gotten their picture taken before! Can you believe it?!? I certainly could not! The day was wonderful....aside from my *MAJOR BUTTERFLIES*, the weather was subtle, the locations were lovely, and the subjects just kept amazing me with their photogenicness....the sqiggily red line under that word shows me that it is not really a word but I simply cannot help it. :)


Braiden (the little boy) & Anna (the dog) were SO fun! They kept me laughing all day!

Misti and Robb were fantastic! They were patient with me even when I got nervous. :) Thanks guys! :)  
They are both SUPER nice.....

and incredibly cute together :D

Make that beautiful together! :D

What's a family without a little L-O-V-E mixed in :)

This was TONS of fun! 


Rachel Greene said...

GREAT job, Allix!! I look forward to seeing more shoots you do! (because I'm sure there will be more in your bright future :D )

Taylor said...

Congrats one post 100! :D Awesome!
These shots are great! Looks like a fun shoot!

Savannah said...

What a beautiful family!! The dog is so cute! ;)