Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I have been tagged by Shelbi :)

Apple juice or orange juice? Orange juice....well and apple juice....it depends on what I feel like at the moment ;D

What was your favorite childhood television program?  OH MAN! Sesame Street, Teletubbies, Arthur, Clifford, Barney, Looney Toons, Tom and Jerry.....AHHHH!!! Too many to choose from!!! 

Are you a collector of anything? I've kinda become a collector of turtles by accident. You tell people you like turtles and everyone will buy you anything that even resembles one ;D

What is usually your first thought when you wake up? It's morning???....already???.....oh boy....

What do you think about right before falling asleep? My mind is usually going 90-to-nothin' about EVERYTHING....it takes me forever to go to sleep :D

What's your favorite color? GREEN!!!! :D

Have any bad habits? Correction....I have many bad habits.....

Are you a mostly clean or messy person? I myself try to stay mostly clean...as for my room.....it tries not to be too terribly messy. ;D

What's your favorite song at the moment? What Wondrous Love is This sung by Jadin Lavik!!!!....I just recently discovered it through a friend and it is my new happy song at the moment!!! :D

What's your favorite thing to do on a Saturday night? Watching a movie is always fun but we tend to do that on Friday....we get in bed early to prepare for church...but every once in a blue moon I spend the night with a friend. That's always fun of course! :D

What's your favorite thing to do on Sunday afternoon? I always have the desire to take a-one-of-kind-wonderfully-needed-Sunday-afternoon-nap....but I usually don't :P If I do manage to get a nap like that I am overjoyed!!!!!! Otherwise I practice hymns on the piano. :)

Have any hidden talents? Course not....remember the man in the Bible that hid his talents....why would  I hide mine?! ;)

What would be your dream job? Being a Godly wife and mother would be a DREAM COME TRUE!! <3 

Name one thing not many people know about you? I sucked my thumb until I was seven or nine (can't remember exactly)....it's true :)

If you HAD to change your name, what would you change it to? Hmmm.....I'm okie dokie with my name right now. Sometimes I don't like that when people first see my name they don't know if I'm a boy or girl so I might want to change it to Alexis...but NOT Alexandria. 

What is your favorite pizza topping? DON'T DO THAT TO ME!!!! FAVORITE PIZZA TOPPINGS CANNOT BE NARROWED DOWN TO ONE!!! Pepperoni, Ham & Pineapple, Cheese, Fajita Chicken with Grilled Bell Peppers and Onions...AAHHH! Pizza is the greatest :)

What song(s) do you sing most often in the shower? Anything and everything that pops into my head :D Usually what I've been listening to or have stuck in my head.

What is your favorite Christmas movie? The Christmas Story :) Well...I would say Elf but I watch that movie year-round and LOVE IT! 

Do you cry at movies? YES! And when I start to cry at sad parts I'm thinking, "IT'S JUST A MOVIE!! IT'S NOT REAL!!! WHY AM I CRYING??!?!" But I can't help it :')

Do you play an instrument? Yep....I play the piano...or attempt to at least :)

What music are you listening to right now? My Christmas blog playlist music!! :D

What was the last good movie you watched? I just watched the two first Peanuts movies....with Charlie Brown and Snoopy, you know. They are GREAT! :D 

What were you doing at midnight last night? Either sleeping or trying to fall asleep....I was in bed, I know that much. :)

What is the last thing you dreamed about that you remember? You put me on the spot!! Now I can't think of anything!!! :P Whatever I dreamed last was probably CRAZY! My dreams never make any sense! ;D lol

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