Friday, December 24, 2010

Sarah Beth :)

My cousin....Sarah Boo....Sarah Bara....Sarah Bef. She's heard it all. :) I don't quite know what our family would do without her. She's one of those pieces that the puzzle just wouldn't be complete if it were missing. I found out, or realized rather, something interesting and sad about her the other day. She never had her Senior pictures done!!!!! Crazy....I know....BUT there was still hope for her...well, if you can call a 15 year old cousin that kinda knows how or at loves to use a camera that REALLY REALLY wanted to do a senior portrait session and had somewhat free-time on her hands hope.....Either way, I took pictures of her. Let's just say....I LOVED everything about the shoot. SubjectTime....location....LIGHTING!! AH! Have I mentioned that golden-afternoon-almost-sunset lighting is stupendously wonderful?!?! Just thought I would letcha know.....

I did a few of her and her boyfriend, Dillon, to start with...

And then......

LOVE this field!!!

Color, b&w....come on....the awesomeness remains the cannot have one without the equally great other.
Sarah! Your smile is so pretty!


Most likely my darling favorite of the day :D

Laughter is the best medicine :D

Her favorite :D Which btw...its so cool when a subject picks out a favorite!! :D

Murals....super cool....always!

Love ya bunches Sarah :D <3

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