Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jessica, Sarah, and Gavin :)

Oh what fun this shoot was! Ms. Jessica is so very sweet and has the most AMAZING blue eyes I have ever beheld in my entire life. Period! The End! End of Story! They were breath-taking! Along with these eyes of hers she has two charming little kids: cute, and preciously freckled Miss Sarah and rambunctious, Thomas the Train-loving, 100% country boy Gavin. :)


So many times my heart was ablaze with "AWWWWW" moments....these little kids had the sweetest faces!

Oh and did I mention that Gavin calls her "My Sarah"?!?!? :D....Melted my heart completely!!!

The neighbors lab ran over to play....I kept trying to shoo him away but Jessica said to just snap a few and see what happened....This sun-shiney, happy-go-lucky, All-American picture is what happened! :)

Wind-blowing, hair flying, laughing hard, causal candid 'em!!

And blue eyes like her Mama :D

Gavin decided, instead of standing still and smiling; running around and watching the photographer chase him was so much more enjoyable. ;) He kept saying as he ran, "Me HATE takin' pitchers!" So then Sarah said, "I'll get him!" :)

They had just gotten new boots the day before that were just dying to get their picture taken. :)

Then we decided to head on down to the pond to see what we could see.

On the way, Gavin told me how he broke his leg a while ago..........
"Me fell down and me touldn't get up. Me toudln't! Me had a was blue."

Sarah did a few cartwheels on the way.....

And Gavin did too ;D

The pond was oh-so-beautiful!! :)

Check out this cowboy grin he's got going on! ;)

Things so great like the picture below are most of the time ironically an accident that become the picture of the day! :)

Mama-lovin :)

To see his little face when we were walking up to Thomas was priceless. He was SO excited!! 

Blue eyes that must have been fashioned after the ocean itself obviously run in the family. :)


Taylor said...

Gorgeous photos!! :) The gals certainly do have beautiful eyes!! :D and i *LOVE* the cowboy boots <3 :D

Rachel Greene said...

AHHH!!! ALLIX!!! These blew me away! Your pictures look better than mine!! FANTASTIC job! I looooove these pictures :D