Sunday, January 16, 2011

One last Wintry Day

Once upon a time there was rather alot of snow in these that story has ended and the snow has left without leaving so much as a snowflake for us to remember it by. Friday was the last of it....all day we watched it melt until it was g-o-n-e. Simple as that. But we did not complain, we savored it while it lasted. I never thought that the last wintry day would be quite as pleasant as it turned out to be. It was filled with such magical happenings that I could only smile and thank God for being so merciful and kind to give us Beautiful Life to enjoy. I was able to share it with two of the sweetest little darlings I have ever known, my cousins Maggie and Anna. Theres just something special about watching starry-eyed children run about in the splendor of winter-whiteness. :)

Just in case you're wondering, Yes those are Elvis teddy bears and yes these girls are freezing cold and yes they are enjoying every minute of it :D

After they had played for several minutes...we headed to the dairy to get some milk and "O-gurt" as Anna calls it :)

Then, while we were driving home we saw a super cool tree in the middle of a pasture and I just had to stop!

THEN.....yes, this day just kept getting better....We traveled a few more miles down the road and saw in another pasture two BEAUTIFUL horses and The-Most-Adorable-Donkey-Ever. :D Once again....I had to stop. :)

Doesn't he make you happy?!?!?! :D

Seeing the reflection of snow on the ground in the big shiny eye of a GORGEOUS horse....its pretty breath-taking if you ask me :)


Snow has left its mystical wonder on us and skipped away, I am SO ready for springtime. :) 
Have a blessed Lord's Day y'all. :)

Much Love 

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