Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Poem about…

Life is a vapor; here today
And gone tomorrow they all say
So before this vapor fades away
What will you do to seize the day?

Since tomorrow isn't promised to us
And blood won't forever be running through us
Why waste the days that God gave to us
By being selfish and superfluous?

Let's treasure the days that soon will flee
Like when babies are sleeping, soft and sweet
Or when autumn comes and paints the leaves
When coffee brews or rich warm tea

When the sun is shining hot and bright
Or stars look extra great at night
Days when blue birds sing in flight
Dreams of True Love at first sight
To be carefree like little boys
Content with all their boyhood joys
Always thinking up tricks and ploys
Boots, grass stains, and army toys

Cherish times with family dear
Know they won't always be here
Laugh with friends, keep them near
Don't be ashamed of happy tears

Wedding days, so filled with bliss
The groom, the bride, the rings, the kiss
These are times that you will miss
Bask in this magical happiness

Melting ice-cream in a cone
Thinking while you're all alone
Long conversations on the phone
Bundling in quilts that are hand-sewn

Bubbling brooks, big tall trees
Sandy beaches near aqua seas
Red-brown horses running free
Puppy noses, ears, and feet

Writing in a journal maybe no one will read
Watching a plant grow from a tiny seed
Trusting the Lord and letting Him lead
Feeling His love when His word you read

Traveling around the world and then
Going back around again
Taking pictures round every bend
Picking out postcards to send

How about the days when a summer rain
Is tapping on your window pane
Holding hands, walking down a lane
Or feeling like you'll go insane

Singing loudly in the shower
Seeing dew drops on a flower
Hearing a clock chime on the hour
Drinking cold lemonade sweet and sour

Flip-flops, snow boots, (bare-foot is best)
Finding treasures in an old wood chest
Reading books for hours, not stopping to rest
A much needed nap when you're tired or stressed

Swinging high in a big rope swing
Hearing the wind whistle and sing
Puffy white clouds with blue sky in between
God's perfect touch on everything

The days that are happy, tears leave no traces
Seeing a smile on so many faces
Coping with days that are sad in some places
As you remember your late grandmother's lipstick and laces

Warm soup cooking on a winter day
A blanket of snow shoos the darkness away
Do you hang onto times when you kneel down to pray,
And, "Thank You God for Your mercy!" is all you can say?

When a funeral happens, two dates are seen
The birth date and death date with a dash in between
In the end it's the dash, that's where we should glean
Loving life yet always on Christ we should lean

He's the One who makes bad days not seem so drear
The One who's a Comfort to always have near
Making promises so precious, being always sincere
Warming hearts with His grace that is, to me, ever-dear

So go ahead, you can live, laugh, and love
Praising the Merciful Creator Above
Be filled with His peace that comes like a dove
And treasure those moments that Real Life's made of

©by: Allix Brunson 1-24-11

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