Monday, November 22, 2010

I and My Horse are One

Sadly I don't have a horse but a dear friend of mine, Susanna, does. And I just felt like writing this for her and her beautiful horse Jeb. :)

I and My Horse are One

When a radiant pasture fills my eyes
With wildflowers and grasses tall
Beneath the vibrant Texas sky
I feel an urge, a pleading call

An urge to ride through fields so lush
Behind me a hear a familiar sound
I feel the slightest, loving push
I smile as I turn around

There stands my friend, loyal and true
He wants me to ride too of course
Anytime I want, he wants to go too
My beautiful darling horse

I feel at home the minute I mount him
And stroke his red-brown neck
I can’t imagine being without him
As I give his sides a gentle kick

At once, we’re off; my heart is filled
With exhilaration, excitement, glee
He runs so fast it scarce seems real
It’s like we’re flying – swift and free

When we’re together, we’re connected
It’s as if I’m running too
By each other’s spirit we’re infected
In golden fields ‘neath skies of blue

I’m uplifted, cheered, and free of care
Feeling his energy through the reins
The wind rushing through my hair
Is blowing through his mane

Our love is deep, our friendship sweet
As we ride through the glow of the sun
Together, at once, our hearts feel complete
I and my horse are one

©Allix Brunson 10-11-10


Rachel Greene said...

Aww, I like it! I LOVE the first color picture!! You're photography is going to SOAR now that you have a dslr!! I can't wait :D

Susanna said...

Aww, I love it! Thank you so much Allix. I will forever treasure this!!! You have captured our sweet relationship so well. He is the best horse I ever imagined I could have! THANK YOU! :D

I'll read it to Jeb when I see him next. :)

Taylor said...

Wow!! that is beautiful! You have a wonderful gift! :) I feel so free when im ridin my horse! <3 this poem discribes me as well! :)