Monday, November 15, 2010

Lucas {Just Because} and some wonderful news....:D

So here is my cousin Lucas....He really is a stinker....a mighty cute stinker though!! ;D And his Mommy and Daddy had something wonderful to show us last night....Lucas's new baby sibling's very first picture! :) :) :) I guess when I said "some wonderful news" I meant that twofold....Number one---Hooray for a new cousin on the way!! And Number two....Hooray for my new camera (Canon EOS Rebel T2i) that I saved up for BY MYSELF and my new AMAZING 50mm lens that my grandmother graciously got me for an early Christmas present.....yep....I'm elated.....just look at these pictures before I loose it from excitedness ;D 

P.S. Oh and because I am horrible at organization...I'm throwing in a new Scripture picture because there's no where else to stick it really :D

In Christ Alone,

Yeah...these are the real-deal (Chuck Taylor All Star Converse) Favorite!! :) :) :)

His mini-bowling set :)

No, no....forget what I said...THIS is my favorite :D :D :D :D

Don'tcha just love that shirt?! I do :D

And just for good's that random Scripture Pic :) 
P.S. This isn't real wine....and nope its not grape juice...even MORE creative :) It's water with red and blue (which makes purple you know) food coloring....OH YEAH, I do remember my kindergarten science lessons...whoo hoo!!! ;D

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Rachel Greene said...

Yay! I LOVE the converse pictures!