Monday, November 22, 2010

Precious Noelle Kristen

God is so amazing how He works in peoples' lives....I have happily known David and Bethany since pre-engagement, to their engagement, from early marriage to pregnancy and now their nine months of waiting has come to fruition with a beautiful baby girl....Noelle Kristen. Now, I'm one of those people that think pretty much every baby is gorgeous because it's overwhelming to see the splendor of God's creation in such a little being....but seriously Noelle is BEAUTIFUL!!!! She's just the right size and she's the sweetest shade of pink. :)

Her tickle-me-pink little hat :)

My mother with the little beauty <3

I am a sucker when it comes to baby hands!!! 
Hers are lovely btw...she may be a piano player just like her Mommy :)

Noelle with her Daddy's hand :)

She's already got some great faces :D

Susanna holding her :)

Now it's Savannah's turn :)

And Mrs. Moore's :)

The midwife, Mrs. Martha Deming, who is absolutely darling!!! She came to give them "going home" instructions and she really is the sweetest thing...well...besides Noelle that is! ;D

David is just a wee bit proud of her...He said at one point, "Okay Allix, that's enough pictures....well, maybe not. Just keep taking them...and send me EVERYONE even the bad ones!" ;D

The happy little family that just grew by two feet :D

Bethany is an AWESOME mom already!! Seriously...the midwife said she did amazing during labor....Two thumbs way up Bethany!! :D

 I pray that God will bless her life and that the whole nine yards of raising her will be nothing short of a wonderful adventure. :D Love you guys! ♥ 


Rachel Greene said...

Yay :D

Weeza said...

Thank you so much Alix! The was really very beautiful and thoughtful....I loved the LOTR music at the end. That is one of my favorite songs....The peace of the shire..(-:


Shelbi said...

Noelle is so precious and you got GREAT pictures! I love the one at the end...