Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day number four of THE Internship....*sniff sniff* last night at Jessica's :'(

I'm not gonna cry....but I just have to let you all know with a heavy heart, tonight is the last night I will be sleeping in this house as an intern of Jessica Shae. :( sadness!! I'm missing home a ton but this has been SUCH a great experience and of course, in some ways, you never want great things to end. :(

Today was once again cereal for breakfast....Cherrios this time. And I spiced things up a bit with a half of a crousant with Nutella on it in honor of Jessica since thats like her very favoritest thing in the whole wide universe....besides the country and Big Ford trucks and such. :)

We (Jessica, Rachel, and I) met Carissa and Hannah around 9:00 at Starbucks where we each had a half an hour with Jessica one on one to talk about our pricing list. Man! Pricing was so much different and crazy and harder than I imagined.....putting a price on your work is....difficult....nuff said. ;)
It really cracked me up because the whole time we were there people kept staring at the five of us with our laptops, discussing pricing lists, happily drinking our Starbucks yummy drinks, just loving life and what have you. One woman sat down beside me while I was working and said,
"You are just the cutest thing!! Are you in college?"
I replied, "No, ma'am. Just high school. I'm a part of a photography internship with that girl over there in purple. She's a professional wedding photographer in the area." To which she responded with a steady nod but a really puzzled look on her face and,
"Huh....ok. Well have a nice day then."
I smiled and went back to typing away. Then an older gentlemen took the seat that woman had just vacated and began drinking his coffee. He kept glancing over at me and then at the other girls with his brow furrowed. Finally he leaned forward to me and said,
"Is school out today?"
"No." I said
"Then what are y'all? I mean is this a school or something?"
"We're actually in a photography internship with that girl over there in purple. She's a professional wedding photographer in the area."
"Are you just in high shcool?"
"Yes sir. Two of us are sophmores, the other two are actually graduated and our mentor is 22."
"Oh. So she's like your Big Sister?"
I didn't really hear him very well so I just kinda nodded. And then I realized what he said.

Anyway it was really fun that everybody was so disturbed that we weren't in school or anything and we just appeared to be hanging out. :)

We then went and had a yum-yum lunch at Subway and hurried along to do our photoshoots with Jessica!! yay! She did the first half of them at this really neat old house that is pretty close to where she lives.

I don't have any of the pictures that she took of us yet but they all turned out really awesome! :)

Then we went to the Los Colinas Canals which is close to Dallas.
Jessica did the second half of all of our shoots and then we took pictures of this totally awesome couple, Aaron and Rachel. :)

P.S. Our hands were all like COMPLETELY FROZEN!!!!! It was rather diffucult to manuver the cameras but I think we toughed it out realitively well. :D P.P.S. Rachel is 16 weeks pregnant!

When we got home Mrs. Tracy Garner had a HUGE Breakfast supper fixed for us which was wonderful because we were all very very hungry after that long drive from the Canals back to Frisco.

This week has been so very amazing and I really cannot believe that tomorrow will be the official end....I'm bummed that it'll be over but home is still being very missed and I won't object to returning to it. :)

♥ Through Christ's Love ♥

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