Sunday, February 6, 2011

Night One of THE Internship :)

So I'm here. Here in the home of Jessica Shae Garner and her family (which is tooootally great....I am laughing as I write this because they are just tooooo funny!)
I can't believe IT is already here. Tomorrow will start the week of complete photography knowledge overload and wonderfulness. (There really are no words to describe how EXCITED I I just scrambled several together as a weak attempt. :D)
I know it will be TONS of WAY too much fun but also an amazing experience and chance to learn SO VERY MUCH!!! (Thank you Lord for this opportunity!!!) I guess I will let you go for now....I will keep you updated on everything thats going on. 

By the way....The Packers won the Super Bowl....the Garners cheered so very passionately and loudly and made me smile. :)

"I've never had a team that I wanted to win that really won during the Super Bowl before. Well....maybe I have, but its been a long time! I'm so glad!" ~Lawson Garner (Jessica's youngest brother) :D

And now we are off to make homemade cinnamon roll dough to let rise over night to bake in the morning for breakfast....(YUUUUMMMM) *Sigh of happiness*

Oh and I miss my la famila already and if that makes me a be it. :)

♥ ~Through Christ's Love~ ♥

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Michele Ann Greene said...

Thank you for posting~! I will be waiting to see what you share next. Love you, mrs greene
Take lots of pictures~! He He