Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day Three of THE internship....finito :)

The days are clicking by so fast...I can't believe I've been an actual intern of Jessica Shae for three whole days now....craziness!!! 
This morning I woke up and rewrote the blog post from last night because this laptop obviously decides to hate me from time to time :P Cereal was for breakfast again but this time I went out on a childhood memory limb and ate Fruity Pebbles....nothing smells so wonderful as a fresh bowl of that stuff!!
The morning was spent perfecting our about me page, organizing the blog design and getting our background and header on!! Whoo hoo!! I really adore my colors right now. My header is actually still in process because tomorrow Jessica is going to take pictures of each of us to use for our business and blog design. I'm probably going to have my header made up of just or mostly pictures.
We worked and worked inside the whole morning because we were SNOWED IN!! Yesterday the weather was loverly but today....Texas gave us a surprise again. :P 
We endured it rather well I think and took breaks from time to time to stretch, walk around, look at Jessica's adorable dog Molly and drink hot chocolate. :D

We had lunch around one o'clock. One word to sum it up would be "leftovers." :D There was hot dogs, one slice of pizza, beef stew, half  of Mr.Garner's gargantuan chicken fried steak from Texas Road House, nachos, and more. It was a very nice mish mash buffet. :)

Then about 3:00 we noticed that the roads were toootally clear and so Jessica took us somewhere fun-fun to rest our tired and taxed little minds. :) So we went.....

Everybody was probably wondering what we were all doing there with our big cameras just nonchalantly taking pictures and videos of each other. :)

After that we went and ate supper at Corner Bakery and had delicious soup and sandwiches. mmmm :) We pulled out our laptops and worked on pricing lists until it was time to go.
Now we are here in the "upper room" of Jessica's home listening to her family downstairs laugh hysterically as they watch the old Karate Kid. (Its very funny to hear and not see this happening. :D)
btw...I feel that I did better getting a blog post in earlier (oh yeeaaah!) :)

Nightie Night everybodeee!

♥ Through Christ's Love ♥

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