Monday, February 7, 2011

The First OFFICIAL Day of THE Internship....over :)

Hello there peoples.....I survived. :)
My little brain is ready to a rather happy sort of way I must add. I do believe it was ready to switch into overload mode a few times. ;D We have learned so very much about blogging, branding, brushes, fonts, headers, and running a small family photo shoot which brought about lectures on aperture, shutter speed, ISO settings, and shooting in manual. It was a LOT to take in but every itty bitty second of it was just the greatest. Earlier in the day Jessica picked out several colors for each of us that she felt really captured our style after we showed her several pictures we loved and words that described us and our photography. Mine turned out to be the very ones I had imagined when we began which blew my mind. :D

The day started wonderfully as we ate the lovely homemade cinnamon rolls made by Jessica herself so skillfully. :) After a few hours of "class" we went to eat lunch at a superly-duperly yummy place: Chipotle! So very good!! We watched the little birds hopping around us as we ate our delicious burritos and of course we rambled on and On and ON about photography (none other of course!) Then we went and watched/assisted Jessica do a shoot of a pregnant mother and her two children, Bailey (7) and Chance (5) which was fun and helpful as well. And oh, Oh, OH! She taught us some GREAT tips about shooting in manual....I am no longer scared of it as I once was so long ago (like....uh....yesterday) ;) Anywho....then we went to Kroger; got some dinner in the form of frozen pizza. Came home....worked our little tails off and then rewarded ourselves with supper. :) By the time we were ready to eat, Jessica had succeded at creating a fanTABulous background for Carissa and Hannah's (fellow interns) blog!! And I can't wait for her to work on Rachel's blog and mine also tomorrow.
The night ended with excessive laughter and chocolate/vanilla ice-cream....*sigh* Girly fun, yes indeed :D
To bed for now...and then tomorrow is a new day! :)

♥ Through Christ's Love ♥

Watch the woman work...its inspirational in and of itself :)

She answered all our many intern questions....

She rocked the photoshoot....

But most importantly....she did it all in style. B-)

Hannah was my super sweet (and SO very gorgeous) partner as we waited for the models to get there for the mini shoot. :)

Her and her older sister Carissa are very funny together and they make an awesome pair. Which is cool because their business (Once Upon a Time Photography) will be together. :D

And of course my Rachel-friend was there being beautiful as always. :)

We girls had quite a hoot of a time being crazy and girls tend to do of course. ;)

After Jessica took several shots of the family, she gave each of us a minute or two to do a few pictures of them.

The mother was SOOOOO gorgeous and hilarious as well. :) She's seven months along (believe it or not...she looks amazing and  is so very tiny!!) oh and they found out its a little girl. :) It was so cute and funny because while Jessica was taking a picture of her she said,
"I don't know why I'm trying to suck in...this is like the only time where its okay if I don't and I'm not even remembering to embrace it." :)

And her kids are adorable as you can see. :)

Bailey's little snaggle tooth smile, bangs, faint freckles, and BLUE eyes just stold my heart. :)

All in all: quite a fun day indeed. :)

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Rachel Leigh Greene said...

Awesome pictures, Allix :D Way to go for documenting the day and telling everyone about it :D.