Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Goodnight Day Two of THE Internship :)

Day numbero two has come and gone. Oh what a full day it was! The day began as usual...getting up about 7:30, getting ready, eating breakfast. This morning was cereal for me in the way of Special K Cinnamon Pecan....yummy goodness. :)
Carissa and Hannah arrived and class was in session. Jessica gave us a big, long, beneficial talk on marketing and the purpose of blogging and what not. Telling us to be personable, entertaining, real, and not to ramble. (Hmmm, that last one kinda hits home. ;D) Then we began treading the waters of About Me pages. Its very hard, we all observed, to write about one's self. I got a rough draft that I'm happy with so far. :)

Around noon we headed out and got a new ride (rental car) for the week. Its little, white, and perfect for us. It took us right to Panda Express for lunch so nice and politely. :D Lunch was quite good and the conversation (as always) was full of brilliant tips and facts from The Dear Jessica-Teacher. ;) We got an ear full of reliable cameras, lenses, flashes, and what not to consider owning or renting which was very thought provoking.

Afterwards we went to Work Central (Starbucks). Who knew, besides wireless Internet, they had a place to actually plug in your laptop?!?! Yeeeaaaahhhh....soooo....I didn't exactly know that even though its kinda obvious to me now that they would have to have that.....
INTY-WAYS....!!! Jessica was able to work on my header and background of my new blog which I am just loving so far. She really is a magician with that computer and a very good designer. It still needs tweaking but its heading in the right direction.

THEN! Oh glorious day....after that we headed to:

It was really fun...had lots of boats and stuff to look at and piers to walk on.

We spent the waiting-for-our-model-to-show-up time very well I think. Taking pictures (and videos), laughing, talking....being girls that have a common passion doing what they love. :D

Jessica of course looked like a total rock star the whole time....who could ask for a greater mentor!?!? :D

Then our darling model showed up...and OH what a DARLING she really turned out to be!!
Folks, meet Amy:

5 minutes after I meet her I realized these things:
2.) She is totally genuine and super friendly
3.) She has the sweetest laugh and smile
4.) She has naturally incredible hair
5.) She has a wonderful sense of style...I mean, Seriously, have you seen that scarf?!?! Adorable!!!
6.) She is tee-ninesy and so very cute!
7.) She is one of those few people that are greater than sliced bread itself I believe

And Ginormous #8....

She is just a wee bit, how you say, Photogenic!!!

O-my-word....I could've taken pictures of this girl!!

Right before my turn with her was finished she wanted to go see the"duckies" which of course I had no objection to :)

Oppoisite to the day before, Jessica did her shoot with our model after we all got a slice of awesomeness with her :)

After we finished, we headed home....stopping only for a basic neccessity such as a movie from Block Buster. ;) We all decided on the 1996 Miramax version of Emma (with Gwyenth Paltrow) because we had all somewhat been thinking about/quoting it throughout the day. :)

Once we got home we had supper which was a bowl of deliciouso beef stew (made by Mrs. and Rachel Garner), sourdough bread, and Jiffy cornbread muffins. Nothin' like a warm comfort meal to end the day. :)

Following dinner we imported, sorted, and edited our pictures then called it quits for the night. We then reclined back, relaxed, and enjoyed the Dramatic, Romantic, British Movie loveliness.

And now I'm here, past midnight, listening to the winds howl and the blizzard probably falling down upon us. I'm breaking all the rules that Jessica taught us this morning about not posting too many pictures and defenitly not rambling. :P So I bid you a good night or a good very early morning. Little eyes....time for sleep!

♥ Through Christ's Love ♥

*Note: I wrote all this last night but due to a compuer malfunction was not able to post it until this morning...sorry about that. :)*


Lydia Covey, Harpist said...

Allix... I for one enjoyed your rambling very mucho :)
You all are having one awesome week. And I am enjoying following along!
Geee... that girl is gorgeous and the pictures are amazing! (I see another scarf I need to find ;-)

Anonymous said...

(I'm not anonymous but I couldn't figure out how to post any other way, ha ha!)
Hello Allix! I met your mother recently when my daughter was selling girl scout cookies and I homeschool my children (my son's name is Alex) and found out about your photography through a senior picture offer in the hs email list. Anyway, long story short, I too adore photography and it consumes my whole life at times. I love your photography and your blog as well. Can't wait to hopefully meet you sometime and talk about our favorite subject - PHOTOGRAPHY!! :) I am always wanting to meet other ppl who love it too and I want to learn, learn, learn all the time! Just wanted to drop in here and say hello. P.S. Do you do Facebook?

Hope to meet you soon!
Sincerely, Toreta Miller